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Children Run

because they want to

Grown-Ups  run

Because they don’t want to stop.

I run

Because I don’t know how to stop.

Children stop

to let other children catch up.

Grown-Ups don’t stop

lest the other Grown-Ups overtake.

Children stop

to feel the heart racing.

Grown-Ups stop

to feel the heart slowing down;stopping!

Eyes are sharp.

Mind is focused.

The finish line is the purpose.

What happens when you cross it?

Why reach it fast?

Why let the world whiz by?

Walk through the flowers.

Walk through the mist.

Walk for the little children. They need your time.

Yet we run.

Just as everyone.

Here starts the rat-race. Never to end.

Not slow

is the race.

Not happy

are the racers.

Just an another rat, that is I

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I just took up an Art of Living 6 day crash course in Hitex, Hyderabad. My ex-roomate would be so proud that I’m starting to get into his world, he is a big fan of AoL. I personally believed that going to AoL would be to admit that..well lets just say it was embarrassing. But when few folks from AoL walked into our office and talked about this. I wanted to give it a try – Oh Boy, I didn’t know it was going to be so much fun!

What did I want from AoL?

1) Foremost I wanted to get up in the morning, this was a 6-9AM session for 6 days. I was desperate to break my late night routines.

2) Get a wikipedia knowhow on yoga and breathing exercises.

3) To finally understand why my roomate was so excited about AoL

The Plan

I managed to get my teammate, Abhishek to join me at this 6 day course. But one main problem arose – How the hell do we get up early? This was tough, I haden’t seen a proper sunrise in months and now I have to be up by 5AM.

So we came up with a good plan – Go home early from work and sleep early. Well It was too simple, I didn’t factor in the daily 30-45mts of bedtime reading, twittering, walking about and stuff. As a result I was wide awake at 12 midnight, I just finished reading the Animal Farm (a wonderful read) and lost my sleep.

The Rising

Although my original plan to sleep early fell to peices, plan B worked – Wake up at 5AM at all costs!! Let me tell you that a nokia alarm sound at 5AM, when you slept at 2AM, is pure noise pollution. I was up and sleep-walking with a tooth-brush. Things were much clearer after a few minutes, the Morning light was super with a nice cool breeze


Abhishek called me at 5:45AM, turns out that his Plan A & B have both failed. He did make several attempts to wake, but at the end he couldn’t give up his comfy bed. I could understand the pleading in his voice, he was hoping that I’ll help him with an execuse to skip this session. “Yaar i’ll be late””,”I can’t make it man, i’ll have to brush, blah blah” – I was not letting him go and sternly asked him to be here, even if he would be late.

He finally turns up at 6:30AM. Later he couldn’t help but boast about getting ready (brushing, bathing, pooja etc) in a record 20mts. He certainely learnt the “Art of getting Ready”.

Meanwhile, I manged to be at Hitex by 5:56AM and the day was already looking beautiful….


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