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People wonder if I was lucky finding the image for yesterday’s post. I actually created it online. You can do the same at Wordle.

What are tags?

Consider a tag as a keyword that tries to represent a particular subject.

For example, if you create an article about the movie Titanic , your tags can be – Historical Movie, Kate Winslet, DiCaprio, tragedy, blockbuster, oscar winning movie.

Web 2.0 applications started the use of tags. Blogs in particular used tags as ways for internet users to search for content based on keywords aka Tags.

What is a tag cloud?

All the tags together will form the “Tag Cloud”. The more a particular tag is used, the bigger the font size of that tag.

This way, frequently used tags will STAND OUT in the tag cloud and at a glance, we can grasp the overall picture.

Tag cloud of my Blog

Tags from all my blog posts

To illustrate, I used wordpress widget – Tag Cloud and created a cloud of all my tags (of earlier posts).

Notice the large font size of some tags like happiness, poetry, poem, writing.  The poem tag is of large font meaning that there are many blog posts tagged with poem.

At a glance, you will realize that my blog’s content has more of poem, passion, happiness, writing as key items.

Welcome to Web 2.0 navigation .
Here is the beautiful part – All these tags are hyper-linked and clicking any of them will display posts tagged with that value.

Go on click on the link “poem” and all 8 topics tagged with poem are displayed.

Now you can also create a tag cloud image.

– Open http://www.wordle.net/create

– Type sentences or words.

– Click GO.

– Your tag cloud is ready.

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