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A stupid logic

I know of only one thing to do for a living – test software. If I lose this job, I will find another company with  a similar job or another mundane career.

Secretly I wish, to lose this job and nobody offers me anything similar. So that I can force myself to re-invent, or risk trying to meet my dreams. So others (family, friends, well-wishers) accept that I don’t have a choice but become “different”.

But that’s unbelievably stupid, it’s like saying “I wish nobody sells me cigarettes, so I can stop smoking” – WTF! who are you trying to kid, your consciousness?


I wish to get the attitude of a successful writer or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or My Brother

Duh! Dude you are just talking to yourself. You wish for something and you know the answer. ARE you kiddin’ me!!!??

Uneasy questions

Do you think you are successful, in terms of wealth?

Do you think you are MORE successful than others?


Do you think you are MORE successful than the fat bribe-hungry government clerks?

Do you think you are MORE successful than the sweepers, office boys, security guards at work?

Do you think you are MORE successful than the daily wage earning construction workers or factory workers?

Yes? (If you have enough time, a computer and internet connection to read this post, the answer would be Yes)

Okay now think about the WHY?

First things that come to mind – Education, Family wealth, Hard Work, Luck, Fate

NOW. You know where you are, and you know where you are going (career wise), and you definitely know where you are NOT going – a govt clerk, factory worker, office boys, security guards, daily laborer.

You and I KNOW that we will NEVER work in any of those jobs. What makes us 100% sure?

Instead of looking downwards, lets look upwards – towards entrepreneurship, start-ups, radical dream careers (a writer?), towards politics, starting a charity.

We always dreamed of these “things” in life, but in the next instant, reality comes rushing back – too risky, no time, I have a family, no money, I’m just a graduate,I’m comfortable, too soft, not enough connections and on and on.

There are hundred reasons not to risk what we have. But not even one reason to try.

I know of one person who will ask – WHY NOT? – N R Naryana Murthy

100% sure?

We are 100% confident of not falling down to being a government clerk. But can only dream (2% confidence) of entrepreneurship , politics, change agent.

A govt clerk can only dream of becoming a professional. But is 100% confident that he will never become a security guard.

A security guard is happy with his life and his simple job, and he is sure that he will never have to carry office supplies.

A daily wage worker is resigned to his life. But he is almost sure that he will not have to “beg” in the streets of our poor country.

What is the pattern here?

My point – Attitude

Others say that all human beings have the same intelligence. I agree. So what differentiates me and the above people?

Answer – Attitude, this is the reason.

I came into learning an attitude which makes me a career professional. Office boy was raised to aim for a decent job as an office boy at an MNC.

I have enough education, more than the required share of experience in a job. All I need now is the right attitude – an entrepreneur, writer, rock climber, athlete, philanthropist, life coach  .

Break Out

We love the status quo , we believe that this is the  right livelihood and try all through life to adjust to our circumstances.  The whole world (around you) wants you to keep up the things as they are. You are where you are and you will (should) stay where you are.

“Be happy with what you have”.

I say “Don’t fool yourself about your capabilities”.

Stop! Draw out the Lizard brain (as Seth Godin says). Don’t accept the path of least resistance. Break-out! Cut the shackles of society, upbringing, peers, your own insecurities.

Don’t even trust your own intelligence – it was tampered over the years, bent into the shape  society wants.

Follow your heart.

Notice your instincts.

Listen to your inner voice.

and let your mind fly free.

For the thousands of “normal” people, there are hundreds who broke-out and JUST DID IT (Lisa is one among them,I found her through Kavita’s award)

First steps – Aware

Be aware, talk to yourself. Understand your excuses. Stop kiddin’ yourself.

I once read this, don’t know where.

“You already know everything you need to start something”

You already have enough knowledge about business, about writing, about computers. You just HAVE to take the first step – Action!!

Any further reading or learning that you are doing is just to convince yourself to take the risk for the first new step. So stop hesitating and take action, you will learn more as you go

Never believe Narla!

I could tell all the great tips from self-help books, I could explain philosophy from the Bible or Koran Or Geeta. But nobody will care two hoots.

Why Not?

Keshav has not proved anything. We need proof of greatness before we accept anything.

I don’t ask you to believe me or anyone. Just believe in yourself. Observe, analyze, talk, think, judge.

As for me, I still haven’t done anything that I’ve rambled on so far.

But this is my first step!

I write this as much for myself as for you. I owe this first step (this blog) to myself and the tiny section of people who believe in me.

I’m trying to be much more than ME


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