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Dreaming of reality

We were talking on the phone. It was another one of the conversations where she thinks we should not be together, because the world does not believe it is right. I’m disappointed and end the conversation with a heavy heart. Venkat (friend) calls to ask me to come to his home, I catch a taxi or auto and I’m on the way. My mind is occupied with my thoughts on Anjali and heart is heavy. Meanwhile someone else gets into the backseat with me.

I’m still preoccupied with my thoughts and then I turn to my right and talk to Anjali sitting next to me, we start a simple conversation. Suddenly I realize she wasn’t sitting next to me before. She smiles when I ask her, her smile says that she was just looking for a lift and happened to catch my taxi too.

We realize what has happened, the universe has brought us together, another sign that shows we have to be with each other.

As this thought dawns onto both us at the same time, we realize that we love each other . With every breath in our lungs, with every beat in our hearts, with the life of our souls, we believe it, we finally know it, and we humbly accept it. We will be together forever!

In front of such a  great event, such a power of nature – love, I suddenly have no words. The world has disappeared for us. Time slows down as we gaze into each others eyes. I take my hand and gently put over hers, her eyes glaze and start filling with water, she smiles and looks away not wanting to cry right there. My eyes start welling up. I take my hand and rub her upper arm, reassuring her that it will be alright. She looks back at my eyes. My heart can’t keep up with the surge of love, now I know I can die without regrets,for, I have seen what god intended for human beings – I met my soul mate.

I wake up! It was a dream. A dream every human being wants to dream, some do but may not recognize the person sitting next to them in the car. I’m lucky. I know and recognize the person next to me – Anjali, my first ray of a new light and it has bathed my world with brilliance.
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Inches from the edge at Khardung La, Leh

It was a 6-story building. Still under-construction, no walls, only the floor and the ceiling. I was on the terrace, on my bike – Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

The ceiling was sloping down, there were no walls to the terrace and I found myself at the edge of this slope, squeezing the front disc brakes so hard that my knuckles were shaking with the effort.

The brakes were the only thing stopping the bike from going over the edge and taking me down with it.

I was at the edge of death, barely holding  the bike, couldn’t let go of the brakes nor move this  350 kg (700 pound) bike back up the slope, it was just too heavy and too close to the edge.

What a place to be in!

I was terrified, helpless, weakening. A few people were on the construction site at ground level, but I had to shout to get their attention.

The situation was so precarious that I could not even shout, the first time I tried, the vibrations in my voice and body threatened the delicate “balance of life” being played out on the terrace. There would be no one to help me!

This was it. My strength was failing.I was going to fall to my death.

But this was impossible. How can I die?

Then I woke up i.e I became conscious/self-aware in the dream. I became Lucid.

As soon I realized that it was a dream, I just let go of the brakes.

And then I was falling. Time slowed down, everything was in slow-motion. But I was no longer a pawn in my dream, taking complete control – I started flying.

Flying and More

Flying is an awesome experience

The feeling was exhilarating, every human being would love to experience it (at least in their dreams). After flying around, I tested my new-found powers in the dream.

Next target – going through walls. It felt weird going through solid walls, concrete in your face, but it worked.

I was flying through walls and found myself in an office. There were 2 pretty secretaries at their desks, time to use my new-found powers on them.

To cut short a long story, things became too exciting and I woke up from the dream. WoW!


The most interesting part of my life happens after I sleep. My “overt-the-top” “out-of-this-world” imagination plays out much to my delight.

This is my dream world.

We all dream 3-4 times in a night. But most folks don’t remember their dreams.

Some think that they don’t dream at all (or very rarely). Some assume that remembering dreams (or dreaming) is sign that you did not have a good night’s sleep.

I feel fortunate for recalling most of my dreams. I also remember a few dreams which happened 10 years ago.

But the best thing – Quite a few of my dreams are plain AWESOME!

Just remember that our dreams seem to be very real while we are in them, the emotions or the reality is real – fear, happiness, joy, surprise, anger. We experience these feelings to the fullest in our dreams.

Lucid Dream

All these dreams are nothing compared to having a Lucid dream. However vivid a dream appears to you, it is still a dream to you. It appears so real while you dream and then you wake up to reality.

Now imagine that you actually become conscious in your dream. You become aware that you are in a dream, while you are dreaming. This is becoming Lucid.

Once you become aware that you are dreaming, the dream can be controlled. Imagine doing, being anything you want in your dream world and experiencing it with all our senses heightened.

My First Lucid dream

My dream took me back in time by 20 years, to my home town, Vijayawada. I was right outside my house.

Somehow I became aware that it was a dream, maybe because the landscape was so different from the present day.

I remembered my facts about Lucid dream and I had to do a Reality Check.

So I willed myself to fly, and I was suddenly off the ground.

I landed 500 meters ahead. A short ride, but OMG I flew!

Then I woke up. Being in control felt so real and incredible. But if  a dreamer gets over-excited they wake up, I guess that happened to me.

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Ridermania 2009, ooty

I try out a lot of stuff – Horse Riding, Biking, Gaming, Reading, Movies, Partying. There are so many things to do, that I end up doing only a small part of each activity. A case of having too much to swallow.

One of my muses is Horse Riding. I always wanted try riding. It looks so extraordinary, the man on a beast, almost flying. Riding was once a necessary activity, all travel was on horses. Human beings were born to ride these amazing creatures.

It all started…

The first time I tried to ride was when I was in college. We were on a class trip to Bangalore-Mysore. In Mysore, there was this guy, who lets you sit on a horse for a short walk for the price of Rs 20/- . You know, like the ride you have in the local fair or exhibition, where the guy holds the reins of the horse and walks around, while you sit on the horse with a silly grin pretending to ride it.

But this time I paid the guy a lot (almost 100/-) to let go. So he did, he let go of the horse, and as an added bonus, slapped its leg. For a brief 3 seconds, the horse jumped/rode or whatever. But the feeling was just out-of-this-world. I knew then that I will do this again one day.

Riding class in Hyderabad

Time will tell

Few years later, I started off learning to ride in Bangalore. The first thing you realize – ooh aah ouch my !@#$ ass!

Riding is not easy, the movies make it look very simple. It is not hard either. You just have to learn for a short while and riding will start getting into you.

The first time I tried, I was exhausted and drenched in sweat in 30 minutes. Trotting, the first stage, requires you to move up-down-up-down with horse’s movement. If you don’t, consider your butt getting a good whopping.

But in-spite of getting bounced around for 30 minutes, there were a few seconds where I managed to get in rhythm with the horse. Thats it, I was hooked forever!

Life is perfect when you get in rhythm with horse, somehow you are in-between the flow of life.

There are 3 stages to horse riding

1) Trotting – This is a standard first stage, where the horse moves quicker than walking.

2) Cantering – This is a faster than trotting and very scary too. I actually feel that I could fall off at any moment.

3) Galloping – This is riding like the wind. This is what you see in the movies and in Horse racing shows.

Run! Run like the wind!

Few months back, I went to Indore to join a bunch of guys hoping to jump out of a plane, we wanted to sky-dive. Unfortunately, the gig was cancelled at the last-minute. So a few of us decided to travel to panchamadi, a hill-station in Madhya Pradesh.

Two of the guys were having a look at some caves. I had no interest in historical stuff, so while waiting for them, I convinced my friend to have a quick “horse walk” and he did. The guy in charge, wanting to make extra money, asked me to take out the horse and I was in no mood for walking the horse. Didn’t that guy know that I could “trot”.

Interestingly, he was willing to give me a horse which just gallops. This got my attention. But no I told him I could not gallop, I could only trot. He didn’t give up, and actually went on a quick gallop. Wow! it looked great from where I was standing.

But I wasn’t sure (hoping he will convince me). He did. He even wanted to bet that I’ll be fine.

My life versus Rs 30/- . A new low even for me. Recession does that.

So there was this white horse, beautiful and restless. One guy was stopping it from running away and the other guy had his hands over its eyes.

The horse was ready to tear away at any second and then they let go….

All over in 30 seconds

The beast started running immediately, I was holding on to dear life, it’s hoofs were thundering on the hard road, the wind was in my eyes. All eyes turned towards me – will I make it?

Every second the horse was increasing speed, it ran for 100 meters and then jumped into a ditch, turned around and started back. All on its own. I was useless, an idiot who was hanging on it’s back.

The damn thing was so fast and unpredictable, and I so clumsy, that my right foot was beginning to loose its grip from the stirrup. I could not stop this horse, I did not have time or the skill to correct my right foot.

My friends, the owner, the spectators were about to witness a disaster. My right foot was about to come loose and I would be thrown down from a height of 6 feet at the speed of 50kmph.

Somehow I held on for a few more seconds, and just like that it was over. The horse reached our starting point, the guys quickly stopped the animal. I was safe!

It was all over in a few seconds, the fastest 30 seconds in my life.

Once More. Please!

The first gallop in my life was superb and scary as hell. But just like a junkie, I was hooked, I wanted to go again. This time, I made sure my footing was correct and firm.

I knew what was going to happen – the horse was going to run like a mad beast, jump into the ditch, turn around and then dash back. I was ready for it.

Only, there was a new factor into this scheme of things. The horse started of as usual, it was running towards the point of turning and then there was a  car coming towards us. Holy Crap! Now what?

I was helpless, had no control or influence over the horse. I was left to its mercy.

What would it do? Would it slow down? Would the car slow down? I hope they can see my panic and stop well before our turning point.

But no, life is not easy, the car did not stop, the horse did not stop. It jumped into the ditch and turned around. By this time, the car was right next to us on this narrow road. What perfect timing..yaar!:-(

Then the horse did an amazing thing. It just ignored the car, increased it’s speed and leaped over the ditch to overtake it. Oh WoW! I was proud of this white beast.

Now for no reason, I got back my confidence. I was going with the flow, cutting into the wind. I even let go of my left hand. I was living a dream. I was galloping!

A picture is worth 1000 words (the post has more than 1000 words). But a video tells all.

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Week1 Review

How do you achieve your dreams? How can you possibly get rid of your old habit of procrastination? Where do you find the patience, determination and perseverance? What is the plan? Where is the hope? Can we believe the books or the great minds who tell us that it is possible?

Answer) 30 minutes? Think!

Questions, Questions and more Questions

Ideas, Ideas and more Ideas

Thoughts, Thoughts and more Thoughts

Plans, Plans and bigger Plans

Blah, Blah and more Blah!

The answer is simple, think Nike

Do it, Do it and Do it more…

Actions, Actions and more Actions

30 minutes a day. Just write something. You are always thinking about writing the best article, or learning the entire language or finishing the entire course or getting a 6-pack ASAP. We never get it done and realization hits us, a little too late. Aha! There’s the trick – It’s never too late. Start again! Try another way to finish, keep on trying..

If you think it, do it. Otherwise don’t do it. Because if you think about it without doing, guilt starts nagging at you and you miss the other pleasures of life.

Wise men say that a little bit of work a day will take you to your dream. So here’s what I’ll try – 30 minutes of writing everyday, at least. Roll out the plan for a week – Iteration 1 , Iteration 2 etc. Heck, companies are trying out this way. Learnt a bit from the walls of Thoughtworks India.

Time to  make a story wall

Make story cards

Build it bit by bit or word by word

Today’s post is the first task of this week’s iteration

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