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Let go a little

We love it

We fear it

White and black

are two sides of it

Pain is caused

when there is a lack

Happiness is not gained

when there is plenty

Hold it too tight

slips out, one day

Throw it away

may never come back

Respect it

to become worthy

worship it

to become its slave

Give it away

to became a Saviour

But don’t just hold on to it

for dear life

Why do you care


so much to spare

Make a day


you give  a little



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Nothing to say

The world is coming to a standstill

My mind is coming to a standstill

I can’t think

I can only feel

Tears will not stop

Eventually they will run out

The sadness will continue though

I have no voice

I don’t trust my voice

I know that my heart is telling me something.

My mind, unfortunately, is not ready to understand

I know I made a mistake

I can just feel it. But I can’t understand it.

Maybe the mistake was God’s, he should have never let me be.

Maybe Maybe Maybe

There are only assumptions, questions, speculations

I’m trying so hard to understand my universe

I can’t even understand myself

The mind is at a standstill

My fingers move

My heart weeps

The mind knows, it is just a door.

Close it and another opens, the door of happiness

I can’t muster the will to close the door

I can’t or I won’t

Misery loves time, it would like to exist for eternity.

My heart is thirsting for it, it has been too long since it has tasted misery.

It wants it all, as much as can be filled, lest it may not come back.

Misery – Today you control my doors, but not for long.

When you fill up all the empty spaces, there would be no space,

soon you will be known,

soon my heart will have enough of your share.

It can’t  survive, not with you there in every pore.

Instinct takes over, fear will make me puke,

out you will flow, like the scum you always were.

Begone! I know you now. You have done your job.

Now let me be myself. It is time.

Let me search for my happiness.

Let me search and know that  “I don’t have to search”.

It was always there – a tiny candle burning through the legions of darkness.

Life is good. But death seems safer.

I, Human, am just afraid.

Give me an easy way out.

I’m not asking God. I’m telling him that I can ask myself.

Will I ever see Her?

Help me Keshav, you are my only hope!

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