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I am!

Once again I find myself up late. I’m ready to complain and crib about my lack of discipline or too many distractions. Then I open this video from a friend and realize – I’m such a loser. Stop whining.

Nick does not have arms or legs. But he does have a great sense of humor. Watch him to get a new perspective.

At 2:30AM on a Sunday night, I was thinking of something to write when it struck me – I shake my legs while thinking. Oh man! I have legs to shake while thinking. WoW! Talk about getting a perspective.

But I’m afraid i’ll just get back to being me by tomorrow, forgetting all about Nick, preoccupied with my life. I wonder why we refuse to change.

What does it take to change? losing a limb? Then we realize the beauty of  movement and find pleasure in simple gestures. We go through critical illness. Then we realize the beauty of life and enjoy everyday as it comes.

What Crap!

The Gauls speak the truth – We humans are crazy!


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