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Rhyming of Writing

I’m not a poet
Not yet a writer
I’m not persistent
Nor consistent
Everyday I think
of a story
Someday I will
write my true story
Today, I do the easy
a quick poem…

Some-days I see
my friends
with their chapters
Why can’t I write
like Ollin or Lisa
Maybe they think
Why can’t I rhyme
like keshav and Kavita

I think. I dream. I Imagine
and I talk
But I know
I just have to write

I’m not a poet
Not yet a writer
I can play
with my words
Every word like clay
hoping to
mold an’ create

For a moment
Let me stop
the play
Just to tell you
a story

I dream of writing a book. A story of truths or maybe truth about stories. Start was great, a plan was made – 30 Minutes a Day. But plans do not reinvent the man. I’m still a man, most-times rhyming and sometimes writing, always dreaming to become a writer.

This a story
of a poem
A poem
in a story
Short and rhyming
a poet
who is
Not yet a writer

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