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Me, my words and Her


Every Year

For 30

Always me

Boring me

Selfish me


This Year




There’s just




strung together

joining you




Before you



know that

this is from




An Angel




Loved me

Helped me

Saved me


gliding along


her wings of beauty



heart of gold


and my words

flowing along

up on cloud #9





Image by Iantonana


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365 days


you said YES


all it took


just a few words


NO was said.


365 days




you say




pick up the phone

and say

YES,I forgive you!


Without you

365 minutes

is all

I can stay!


Without a YES


is NO start to

my day


Image from here

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Let go a little

We love it

We fear it

White and black

are two sides of it

Pain is caused

when there is a lack

Happiness is not gained

when there is plenty

Hold it too tight

slips out, one day

Throw it away

may never come back

Respect it

to become worthy

worship it

to become its slave

Give it away

to became a Saviour

But don’t just hold on to it

for dear life

Why do you care


so much to spare

Make a day


you give  a little


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Soft steps

in you came

With patience and a steady pace

you walked the way

Eyes following I was with you

Watching, waiting for the click

In you went

out you came

I waited, watched the crack beneath the door

Eyes searching

Ears straining

The click never came

The light never went bright

Why Father?

All this just so that

My eyes will remain closed

undisturbed by the tiny beam of light

The night refuses to end

Yesterday may become Today

I will not stop

Until I say

Never mind the sleep

I have slept enough

Awake, I am, finally to you

To show the due place

as deserves you

This blog was full, but for you

So I say…..

I’m nothing, but for a few beliefs

My courage

My Philosphy

My Strength

My belief in justice

My hope in humanity

My Love for reading

The books, the writing,  this blog, these words

Were your gifts.

You never had to give

It was always flowing through my veins

All this time

I was seeing you

Never inside you

I opened my eyes today

to see that

You opened my heart .

Today. A good day. A good night.

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No Flow

Joy by IrfaanPhotography

Joy by IrfaanPhotography

To clear any confusion, the following was written taking the free flow poetry concept. Inspired from Free Flow Poetry concept

How Does it Work?

1. Start playing this song.

2. Close your eyes or don’t look at the monitor.

3. Start typing while listening to the beat of the song.

4. Look up at the end result and maybe fix some typos (in my case I left the typos open)

simple and very simple
just like you
in the eyes of soul
now and now forever then
now there here in my heart
to you wherever you are forever
now i feel

in your heard then i will feel your pling in my heart
again again
i sense you will be there
please please please
live the hert? of anything
there will be one less
in my heart
there is no form
why do i hesitate
this was supposed to be simple
it started
and ended
but there is no end
finish to the start
as a cycle of hearts
beating to the same sounds
to stop and to hear
if it was as simple
life was
life is
going on forever
I know not
can fell the knot
it is just a rhyme
why do i try to keep up
I know i can stop

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By Ivan Raltchev

Before I forget

Before life speeds up

while today melts away

When everything is a blur

When I am he and Not me

I think of you as just her

Then comes tonight

Before the clock strikes midnight

While our world is sleeping

Time slows down

things are back in focus

the mask falls away

the façade is just a charade

I am now me, human

You are not ‘just’ her

You are infinitely more than ‘just’, divine

My eyes forget

But my heart sees true

You are her and She is you

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just like another flower

but much more than a flower

its color more important

than its fragrance

the talisman

of friendship

of health

of love

      many colors to give

      but one color stands out

      one color we all want in our life

      to give, to receive

          born for a purpose

          a bridge between two people

          bringing together

          sometimes forever

          some cherish it

          some use it

          everybody believes in it



              has brought it here

              to remind us


              we are human,

              capable of greatness,

              capable of love,

              so go forth my friends

              hold it out

              feel it yourself

              know what the the other feels

              give it….

                  what does it feel like?

                  this feeling

                  powerful than all

                  more beautiful than all

                  Don’t be confused

                  it is just a surge of love

                  within your small heart

                  and it all started with a tiny ROSE

                  Image by Fernando

                  A friend requested this poem on a rose. Thank You, this was a great start for this weekend.

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