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Dreaming of reality

We were talking on the phone. It was another one of the conversations where she thinks we should not be together, because the world does not believe it is right. I’m disappointed and end the conversation with a heavy heart. Venkat (friend) calls to ask me to come to his home, I catch a taxi or auto and I’m on the way. My mind is occupied with my thoughts on Anjali and heart is heavy. Meanwhile someone else gets into the backseat with me.

I’m still preoccupied with my thoughts and then I turn to my right and talk to Anjali sitting next to me, we start a simple conversation. Suddenly I realize she wasn’t sitting next to me before. She smiles when I ask her, her smile says that she was just looking for a lift and happened to catch my taxi too.

We realize what has happened, the universe has brought us together, another sign that shows we have to be with each other.

As this thought dawns onto both us at the same time, we realize that we love each other . With every breath in our lungs, with every beat in our hearts, with the life of our souls, we believe it, we finally know it, and we humbly accept it. We will be together forever!

In front of such a  great event, such a power of nature – love, I suddenly have no words. The world has disappeared for us. Time slows down as we gaze into each others eyes. I take my hand and gently put over hers, her eyes glaze and start filling with water, she smiles and looks away not wanting to cry right there. My eyes start welling up. I take my hand and rub her upper arm, reassuring her that it will be alright. She looks back at my eyes. My heart can’t keep up with the surge of love, now I know I can die without regrets,for, I have seen what god intended for human beings – I met my soul mate.

I wake up! It was a dream. A dream every human being wants to dream, some do but may not recognize the person sitting next to them in the car. I’m lucky. I know and recognize the person next to me – Anjali, my first ray of a new light and it has bathed my world with brilliance.
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