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These men are hard to differentiate once they spend enough time with each other through battles. I just finished watching all the episodes of “Band Of Brothers” TV series, produced for HBO by Spielberg  and Tom Hanks. Trailer.

One of the greatest TV series ever made about true stories of World War II, the episodes portrays “Easy Company” paratroopers in various battles right from D-Day to the end of war.

You start this series looking at these men as warriors, towards the end they become a family of Heroes. Watch this to get a glimpse of their courage, compassion, love, hatred, fear and sacrifice.

I’m a war movie junkie. It amazes me when I look at human beings waging battle with other human beings, sometimes for noble causes. Where machines were designed to destroy the human body.

War – an unwanted human side effect.

War is the only place where humans display their true naked emotions. Every action magnifies these powerful feelings – Bravery, Fear, Determination, Mercy, Vehemence, Selfishness, Love…..

How can we be so great and so evil in the same theater of violence?

The more I think, the more I feel that there is no Good or Bad, there is just WAR!

Us “civilians” can never understand the soldiers mind – shielding the wounded while bullets fly around, killing mercilessly, losing limbs, saving lives. We can only witness their greatness, they never started these wars, they just did their jobs as true professionals.

Shut Up and live in peace

Sometimes, I see people talking about war as casually as a video game, “Lets finish this once for all” “One chance is all we need to finish them”

I wanted to scream at them

Can you imagine having your leg blown away?

Can you watch your brother killed in front of your eyes?

Can you watch your family dying in a blink of an eye?

Can you stand against a hail of bullets without running, tail between your legs?

YOU have no clue what it takes to be a soldier or a civilian in a warzone!

World War II

Imagine 6 million Jews killed, 70 million people killed, cities razed to the earth, entire cities annihilated with a single bomb. The deadliest conflict, with more than 100 million soldiers mobilized, involving most of the counties of the world.

A war which perfected a production line for efficiently massacring human beings using gas chambers.

Hopefully the world will always remember the “price” of ambition for territory.

Never wish for a war. Never shy away from it either.

Now the world has devised a new outlet to let out our blood thirsty instincts – PC War Games. Play out your wars here in all the wonderful multimedia detail. I just finished Call Of Duty 5 & 6 – Great Fun!

Call Of Duty 6


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