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Lets make this short!

Do you write?

Did you ever write?

Why don’t you?

Everybody has a story to tell. For most people it runs in the head, a few people (family,friends, wife, children) close enough will hear it.

Some are experts at telling their stories, they get animated, lively, their narration draws a beautiful picture in the listeners minds – quite a talent!

Then some write their stories and bring joy to the tens or hundreds or thousands or the millions who read them.

But a bigger story is about how they struggled to bring out the “story” to all these readers. Sometimes the journey is even more fascinating.

The words

have no flow,

yet they pour out

for the world

to follow.

Groomed in their prime,

sentences crafted in their midst

A string of words

it seems

But a story

it is…

and as my friend, ollin says “It is poetry”

Ollin is one such artist who crafts his words into brilliant yet easy-to-understand symphonies on his blog – A story of his first Story (Novel).

After reviving my blog, I searched the blogosphere for professionals who can inspire me. Ollin’s blog captured my attention – He was writing down his journey while he was creating his first novel.

His blog is aptly named as Courage 2 Create – It does take great courage to create a novel.

Give Him-A-Break!

Ollin is trying to support himself while he’s establishing himself as a writer – no easy feat. He’s gathering support for a writing job on a professional blog.

As a BIG Thank You for all his writing, this post is a request to my readers to vote for him as a writer for a “Happy Mood” blog ūüôā


(For the enthusiastic – You can vote separately from different browsers)

He’s in the top 90 and aiming¬†to be¬†in top 20 for the job. Voting ends in 2 days (Should have posted this earlier Ollin)

But don’t just take my word for it, check out his wonderful writings at his blog –¬†http://ollinmorales.wordpress.com/

Update: Ollin has not made into the Top 20, but it was an overwhelming experience for him from all of you

Final Rank: 62

Votes: 1000+

Thanks for your support guys

Oh BTW I had a **BLAST** in Vijayawada this Diwali

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Rhyming of Writing

I’m not a poet
Not yet a writer
I’m not persistent
Nor consistent
Everyday I think
of a story
Someday I will
write my true story
Today, I do the easy
a quick poem…

Some-days I see
my friends
with their chapters
Why can’t I write
like Ollin or Lisa
Maybe they think
Why can’t I rhyme
like keshav and Kavita

I think. I dream. I Imagine
and I talk
But I know
I just have to write

I’m not a poet
Not yet a writer
I can play
with my words
Every word like clay
hoping to
mold an’ create

For a moment
Let me stop
the play
Just to tell you
a story

I dream of writing a book. A story of truths or maybe truth about stories. Start was great, a plan was made – 30 Minutes a Day. But plans do not reinvent the man. I’m still a man, most-times rhyming and sometimes writing, always dreaming to become a writer.

This a story
of a poem
A poem
in a story
Short and rhyming
a poet
who is
Not yet a writer

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The red bird - Aaron Knapp


A stupid logic

I know of only one thing to do for a living Рtest software. If I lose this job, I will find another company with  a similar job or another mundane career.

Secretly I wish, to lose this job and nobody offers me anything similar. So that I can force myself to re-invent, or risk trying to meet my dreams. So others (family, friends, well-wishers) accept that I don’t have a choice but become “different”.

But that’s unbelievably stupid, it’s like saying “I wish nobody sells me¬†cigarettes, so I can stop smoking” – WTF! who are you trying to kid, your¬†consciousness?


I wish to get the attitude of a successful writer or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or My Brother

Duh! Dude you are just talking to yourself. You wish for something and you know the answer. ARE you kiddin’ me!!!??

Uneasy questions

Do you think you are successful, in terms of wealth?

Do you think you are MORE successful than others?


Do you think you are MORE successful than the fat bribe-hungry government clerks?

Do you think you are MORE successful than the sweepers, office boys, security guards at work?

Do you think you are MORE successful than the daily wage earning construction workers or factory workers?

Yes? (If you have enough time, a computer and internet connection to read this post, the answer would be Yes)

Okay now think about the WHY?

First things that come to mind – Education, Family wealth, Hard Work, Luck, Fate

NOW. You know where you are, and you know where you are going (career wise), and you definitely know where you are NOT going Рa govt clerk, factory worker, office boys, security guards, daily laborer.

You and I KNOW that we will NEVER work in any of those jobs. What makes us 100% sure?

Instead of looking downwards, lets look upwards – towards entrepreneurship, start-ups, radical dream careers (a writer?), towards politics, starting a charity.

We always dreamed of these “things” in life, but in the next instant, reality comes rushing back – too risky, no time, I have a family, no money, I’m just a graduate,I’m comfortable, too soft, not enough connections and on and on.

There are hundred reasons not to risk what we have. But not even one reason to try.

I know of one person who will ask – WHY NOT? – N R Naryana Murthy

100% sure?

We are 100% confident of not falling down to being a government clerk. But can only dream (2% confidence) of entrepreneurship , politics, change agent.

A govt clerk can only dream of becoming a professional. But is 100% confident that he will never become a security guard.

A security guard is happy with his life and his simple job, and he is sure that he will never have to carry office supplies.

A daily wage worker is resigned to his life. But he is almost sure that he will not have to “beg” in the streets of our poor country.

What is the pattern here?

My point – Attitude

Others say that all human beings have the same intelligence. I agree. So what differentiates me and the above people?

Answer РAttitude, this is the reason.

I came into learning an attitude which makes me a career professional. Office boy was raised to aim for a decent job as an office boy at an MNC.

I have enough education, more than the required share of experience in a job. All I need now is the right attitude Рan entrepreneur, writer, rock climber, athlete, philanthropist, life coach  .

Break Out

We love the status quo , we believe that this is the  right livelihood and try all through life to adjust to our circumstances.  The whole world (around you) wants you to keep up the things as they are. You are where you are and you will (should) stay where you are.

“Be¬†happy with what you have”.

I say “Don’t fool yourself about your capabilities”.

Stop! Draw out the Lizard brain (as Seth Godin says). Don’t accept the path of least resistance. Break-out! Cut the¬†shackles of society, upbringing, peers, your own insecurities.

Don’t even trust your own intelligence – it was tampered¬†over the years, bent into the shape ¬†society wants.

Follow your heart.

Notice your instincts.

Listen to your inner voice.

and let your mind fly free.

For the thousands of “normal” people, there are hundreds who broke-out and JUST DID IT (Lisa is one among them,I found her through Kavita’s award)

First steps – Aware

Be aware, talk to yourself. Understand your¬†excuses. Stop kiddin’ yourself.

I once read this, don’t know where.

“You already know everything you need to start something”

You already have enough knowledge about business, about writing, about computers. You just HAVE to take the first step РAction!!

Any further reading or learning that you are doing is just to convince yourself to take the risk for the first new step. So stop hesitating and take action, you will learn more as you go

Never believe Narla!

I could tell all the great tips from self-help books, I could explain philosophy from the Bible or Koran Or Geeta. But nobody will care two hoots.

Why Not?

Keshav has not proved anything. We need proof of greatness before we accept anything.

I don’t ask you to believe me or anyone. Just believe in yourself. Observe, analyze, talk, think, judge.

As for me, I still haven’t done anything that I’ve rambled on so far.

But this is my first step!

I write this as much for myself as for you. I owe this first step (this blog) to myself and the tiny section of people who believe in me.

I’m trying to be much more than ME

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Its 12 weeks after I announced my plan to the world РWrite for (at least) 30 minutes  a day.

My blog has changed drastically during this time and  I along with it.


I had, on rare occasions,¬†dabbled¬†in writing – the only creative art that I wasn’t pathetic at.

First Blog

Second Blog

The interest was there . The commitment wasn’t.

But every time I wrote, it generated a little interest for people. My writing was actually better that my own low expectations (Based on my past records, I never actually give credit to myself for starting something worthwhile).

Anyway, after the first few attempts, I realized that I didn’t suck!

What really sucked was my ability for a decent effort. So after a few over enthusiastic posts across 3 different blogs, things fizzled out. I stopped writing.

What happened now?

My creative life was rotting, my spirit was growing restless by the hour. I HAD to do something about it.

This time I tried to anticipate my excuses or problems with sustaining a momentum. Then I had an idea Рtake small steps everyday.

What an Idea Sirji!

The plan had to be simple and easy to take in. After all, I didn’t want to be overwhelmed trying to do too much too soon.

Plan –¬†Write 30 minutes everyday

My goal was to make writing a habit.

On the board it looked great

  • It was very simple.
  • Took up just 30 minutes in a day.
  • Doing it¬†consistently¬†will generate results over time.

But implementing this plan was not as easy

What Went Wrong?


After the initial enthusiasm, writing every single day was very hard. Things kept coming in the way – work, friends, distractions, travel

I tried not let my life go out of control, but over time I was writing at 2AM on a weekday. The plan suddenly became too complicated and too hard. I was taking a day off and soon that became several days.


My life was pretty much occupied with this plan. I was trying to balance both work and my writing. Soon I missed my fun activities – gaming, movies, reading, going out.

Sometimes, I indulged in these distractions at the cost of the day’s writing.

Large posts

A big problem was my failed attempts to break up large posts into 30 minute sessions. For example, my recent post took 3 hours to complete and I did that on Monday night.

For a practical plan, I should break the large post into 30 minute slots. But that is easier said. It is very hard to stop when you build up a rhythm.

I also felt that stopping in the middle will reduce the overall quality of the subject.

Discipline and  Self-motivation

Developing any craft takes discipline and lot of self-motivation. I was writing at all kinds of times in a day and I would slack when there weren’t many views.

I would start writing again when there was a good comment or someone asks me why I wasn’t writing.

To make this work I must motivate myself.

Success factors

Right from the start of the plan, there was a tremendous improvement. The plan was actually very useful. Although the actual execution should become better, my efforts have shown results.

The numbers will tell you the story

Before the Plan After the Plan Change
Time Period 16+ months 3+ months
Posts 5 48
Avg Posts/Month 0.3 16 +5333%
Views 436 1952
Avg Views/month 27 650 +2407%

In just 3 months = 15% (of total)

I created 38 posts = 90% (of total)

to get 1952 views = 80% (of total)

Public interest just zoomed

Great stuff

The last three months have shown some pleasant moments and wonderful feedback from readers.

– Venturing into poems just because of lack of time. Surprisingly, I received a lot of appreciation – gives me confidence to continue.

A poem which made someone weep.

Few of the readers asking for my writing almost everyday.

Aaron following up on 30 minute project. Thanks Aaron.

Abhi appreciating my efforts to put quality images in my blog posts.

Writing about topics requested by readers.

What Next?

I love what has happened until now and seeing other’s enthusiasm, I’m even more sure of writing about random stuff.

Coming Soon page.

I created a new page for the blog. This will show the posts I plan to write about or already in progress. It is a like an administration page which is now transparent to readers.

Readers can also post a quick post idea, or any thing they want. If I do plan to carry out those ideas, it goes under¬†the Reader’s column in this page.

  • I should follow-up on tasks from the Coming Soon page.
  • I should break large posts into manageable chunks, writing across days.
  • Be consistent and not¬†extravagant. Writing is a marathon not a 100m dash.
  • Make this a top priority task of the day. After all it is just for 30 minutes.
  • Never miss a day’s writing!
  • Don’t use excuses. It is just plain stupid. Instead analyze and come up with solutions.

The other better Project

After a few days when this project started, I came across another project in the blogosphere.  That plan was also simple Рcreate art everyday.

In many ways, this has been a better project and well updated till date. The artist is an inspiration to my project.

The Dailys Project

– Created by a brilliant artist, Aaron Knapp.

РEvery piece of art is donated to the world. You just have to ask.

– His ideas and writing behind these arts is equally brilliant.

– Unlike me, he’s not missed a single day in the Dailys Project.

I’m glad I stumbled on to his works.

Thanks! All

Thanks to all of you for tolerating my creative experiments. Your visits and comments have been the single most important aspect of my life in the last 3 months.

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The plan

I’m here to just put in my day’s work of writing. Time was mismanaged and the result is a botched up post. Poor planning for the day ūüôā

But still my 30 minutes are clocked in.

Interestingly, I was standing all the time while I created this post. Have to say, ummm! My back is sore.

I can’t figure out how to break down large posts (3 hour) into 30 minute sessions, gets too complicated in my head and I end up procrastinating.

There is no time. Be quick

Have a plan for the day

Have a plan for the week

Have a plan for the year

Have a plan for 3 years and 5 years

Have a plan for your children

Have a plan when you retire

Do everything as planned

Dreams are not part of the plan

Nightmares are the by-products of these plans

The plans will remove the fear – fear of failure

Fear of failure – the greatest invention of modern world

Live according to the plan

My plan is simple – Be Happy:)

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My poems

This is about how I switched to poetry to make my daily writing task easier. I find writing poetry easier and time-saving. Sometimes they come out ok!

Out of desperation, an idea took wing.

Down came poring

Words thicker than rain.

Words joined to make a puddle.

The drizzle became a torrent

Soon there was a  river of thoughts

My river, your river, all rivers

Together we shall flow in to this ocean called “Humanity”.

Everything evens out,

the same level (depth), the same color.

We are One!

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Blog Views per week. Week 2010-06 shoots up.

Week1 of the 30 minutes plan ends today. The plan came out of my frustration – for ignoring my writing, ¬†weeks and weeks of procrastination, over planning, perfectionism, and plain laziness. The plan was too simple – write! Well it didn’t work.

I then modified (a little bit) the simple plan – write 30 minutes a day (at least). The results were great!

The first week ends today and already the progress is excellent. I’m very happy with myself for¬†having the discipline to churn out words everyday. Meanwhile my writing has entertained a few people.

Here are a few interesting numbers for comparison

Category This week Overall Percentage
Time spent 30 min/day 1440 min/day 2%
Posts published 6 18 33%
Views by people 162 675 24%

Words written : 1900+

This is just 1 week out of the 76 weeks since this blog started. That is just 1.3%

Spending just 2% of the time in a day, I’ve created 33% of value (posts) to add a quarter of the blog’s total visits. This happened in only 1 week of the 17 weeks since this blog started.

The power of a simple plan

1) Take it in small steps. Decide on a minimum time period and stick to it. I chose 30 minutes/Day. Remember that it will all add up.

2) Have discipline. Need not be writing at the same time everyday. Just put in your daily 30 minutes. Make a promise to yourself.

3) Do this for short bursts – 2 weeks. Then review the results. Pat yourself on the back and get motivated.

4) Break down a large project into chunks. I’ve done a long post in 2 days – 40 minutes everyday.

5) Track your numbers to celebrate progress. It’s fun to see the numbers. WordPress gave me all the stats I required for this post.

6) Have Fun ūüôā

So if you enjoy writing, just start it. Please don’t waste time like I did (Only 5 posts in first 16 months). Maybe start with a 15 minute plan. Starting a blog is a 10 minute job. This plan applies to anything you want to do, but can’t find the time to do it.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep you “posted”.

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