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Week1 Review

How do you achieve your dreams? How can you possibly get rid of your old habit of procrastination? Where do you find the patience, determination and perseverance? What is the plan? Where is the hope? Can we believe the books or the great minds who tell us that it is possible?

Answer) 30 minutes? Think!

Questions, Questions and more Questions

Ideas, Ideas and more Ideas

Thoughts, Thoughts and more Thoughts

Plans, Plans and bigger Plans

Blah, Blah and more Blah!

The answer is simple, think Nike

Do it, Do it and Do it more…

Actions, Actions and more Actions

30 minutes a day. Just write something. You are always thinking about writing the best article, or learning the entire language or finishing the entire course or getting a 6-pack ASAP. We never get it done and realization hits us, a little too late. Aha! There’s the trick – It’s never too late. Start again! Try another way to finish, keep on trying..

If you think it, do it. Otherwise don’t do it. Because if you think about it without doing, guilt starts nagging at you and you miss the other pleasures of life.

Wise men say that a little bit of work a day will take you to your dream. So here’s what I’ll try – 30 minutes of writing everyday, at least. Roll out the plan for a week – Iteration 1 , Iteration 2 etc. Heck, companies are trying out this way. Learnt a bit from the walls of Thoughtworks India.

Time to  make a story wall

Make story cards

Build it bit by bit or word by word

Today’s post is the first task of this week’s iteration


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I recently started having this intense “want” to write something, anything, everything. So the plan is to get the thought into my head so many times, that the  head fills up to the brim and then words just start spilling out. It could be the only thing that will cleanse my soul.

I’m reading “Chicken soup for the writer’s soul” these days, I went out of my way to order it from flipkart.com. It has real stories from real people who became writers through sheer determination, faith in their work, passion. Some writers persisted for years before they were even remotely successful.

It’s not easy to create art, and writing is the only art that I can understand!

Can I write?

From what I know about myself, it’s not about being “not easy”, its impossible. But I will write anyway, because I like to, because my mom likes it, because 1-2 of my friends like it and because I owe it to all who read and enjoy my “art”.

Please don’t think of me as obnoxious because I call my pre-amateur scribblings as art. I find pleasure in thinking of it like that, keeps me motivated. But the best thing to keep us going is YOU, a comment – good, bad or ugly will mean the world to us. Even a simple dot is enough.

In fact the number of comments on the blog is the major criteria to measure the impact of your writing.

Thanks for your time

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